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On Thetan Arena, Binance reports 21 million active players and 900,000 NFT holders: Bots or Real People?

In less than a year and a half, Thetan Arena has grown to become not just the largest MOBA on blockchain, but also one of the most popular play-to-earn games on the crypto market.

Thetan Arena has an estimated 21 million active players and 900,000 holders of the game's NFTs, according to a recent article on the Binance Smart Chain's official blog.

The number is enormous, yet many individuals are sceptical of the estimates. Many people, like journalist Wu Blockchain, have claimed that many of those were most likely bots:

In terms of the game's native token's pricing, Since November, the asset has been considered as a cheap cryptocurrency in a bear cycle, and it is projected to fall to its beginning price of $1.3 shortly, after reaching a high of $20. As a result, the issue remains as to whether the crypto can perform poorly while the game is purportedly rising in popularity.

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