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Over 80k New Hires In The Cryptocurrency Industry But For The Bear Market

CJ - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast 

The crypto industry saw a significant increase in employment opportunities in 2022, despite the bearish market conditions, according to a report from Block Research. The study found that the industry recruited 82,200 people in 2022, a 351% increase from the 18,200 hires in 2009. The trading and brokerage sector saw the most hires, with 50% of total hires, or 41,136 people, being in that field. NFTs and gaming, specifically NFT Crypto, came in third, with 8% of total hires, or 6,738 people, as the NFT market continued to grow and attract new investors.

Additionally, the report found that job opportunities in the areas of infrastructure, DeFi, and Layer-1 also increased in 2022, with 5% (4,285), 5% (4,096), and 4% (3,376) of total hires respectively. Game studios, DAI, Web3, and enterprise also saw increases in hires, making up 4%, 3%, 3% and 0.36% of total hires respectively. These areas are expected to help to buy cryptocurrency for investors in the future.

The report also noted that as consumer interest in cheap crypto currency and crypto market investment continues to grow, so will job prospects in the industry. However, it's worth mentioning that as employment opportunities have increased, so did the number of layoffs. Crypto.com saw the most layoffs accounting for 24% of total industry layoffs, 9,564 people, followed by Coinbase, Kraken, and Bybit each contributing 6% to the overall number of layoffs.

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