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Paulo FC now accepts cryptocurrencies for the purchase of game tickets

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist

  • Morumbi in So Paulo now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment for game tickets.
  • S. Paulo FC will be able to pay in cryptocurrency thanks to the Bitso cryptocurrency trading platform.
  • For registered supporters with membership cards, the crypto payment option is accessible.

S. Paulo, a Brazilian football team, stated on May 26, 2022, that it would begin taking cryptocurrency as payment for tickets from its supporters. The cryptocurrency exchange Bitso, which is also one of the club's official sponsors, will handle the newly additional payment method.

Whether a So Paulo home game is held in Morumbi or another location, fans will be able to pay with cryptocurrency. In order to modernize Morumbi stadium and make cryptocurrencies more widely available, Eduardo Toni, chief marketing director for So Paulo, believes that providing new payment options to fans is an essential first step.

He stated, "We are thrilled to introduce this ground-breaking programme and provide an original experience to the people of So Paulo." So Paulo has always been a city of innovators.

The crypto payment option, on the other hand, is only available to registered supporters who have already received their membership cards. 

There are two options available to supporters who want to buy tickets with Bitcoin cash buy. Fans can make payments using the usual methods on the Total Acesso website or the Bitso app after signing up as a client on the exchange. The most well-known cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America is Bitso. On January 8, 2022, they agreed to a three-year sponsorship deal with So Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC). As a result of the relationship, Bitso became the first crypto buying sites to sponsor SPFC.

The sponsorship arrangement was part of Bitso's plan to promote cryptocurrency investment awareness and expand into the Brazilian market. Bitso is well-established in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia, with a client base of over 3.7 million.

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