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Phishing Scams within Cryptocurrency

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Phishing is one of the most used fraud. The act means to convince a user that they belong to a legitimate or well-known corporation and that the website they are using is authentic instead of a false one. Within this industry, many phishing scams are trying to convince you to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency from their site.

In most cases, their form of communication is by email with captivating subjects or by false advertisements. This leads you to make a visit to their site out of curiosity or by mistake. Once you are on their site, they have some other schemes in place for you. When looking to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you need to be very cautious or you may fall victim to such a scam.

When going through your emails, don’t let curiosity get the best of you. Even if you receive an email from a familiar name that you’re already in contact with, double check and confirm its authenticity. It’s possible that these scammers got hold of your email and planned an elaborate scheme to hack or get you to buy and sell Bitcoin through them to steal your investment.

What should you do?

The safest and most practical thing to do is not open any suspicious links and verify before taking any steps. What you can do is search or navigate directly to the original website. There is no need to follow indirect links. Most links and attachments seem legitimate, but the truth is, phishing is just very common and easy to do. Always make sure to confirm who the sender of the email is.

Be extremely cautious about any website you go to by following an advertisement. It’s easy to fall into their trap as you can even get fake advertisements through Google and other legitimate sites. The very best thing you could do to prevent a phishing scam, is never click on any indirect links or sponsored ads.

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