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Proton Moves Into Real Estate With New Collaboration With Ubitquity

By Harry B - Crypto Professional - 26-10-2021

Proton (XPR) prepares itself to join the real estate industry as it joins forces with Ubitquity LLC. Ubitquity is the leading real estate blockchain platform that uses blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS). Ubitquity is praised for its platform’s security and title record-keeping. Proton is a new public blockchain network that provides peer-to-peer payment services for users. Proton’s smart contract platform aims to provide payment services that offer the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency and use it seamlessly in applications.

The two companies have recently announced their partnership in the hopes of showing how blockchain technology can be used in real-world scenarios. The collaboration further proves how Proton can use its functions to bridge companies from various platforms. Proton can provide networks with information, data, and finances by connecting to each platform. By utilising Protons’ ability to build verified identity accounts, this can be combined with Ubitquity’s features to secure the company’s network further. The partnership can help create seamless information transactions through secure and speedy networks, significantly supporting the real estate industry.

Proton owns a cryptocurrency native to the platform, typically used for resource allocation for network development. Users can buy XPR to rent resources within the platform to help developers build decentralised applications (DApp). Holders who regularly buy Proton XPR can stake it within the network with Proton’s current 4.93% APR. According to Proton, users can stake in the short-term if they wish to receive APR on a daily basis.

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