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'Rich Dad' Predicts Stock Market Crash And Refuses To Sell Bitcoin Holdings

By Kenny S - Crypto Dealer - 01-10-2021


The well-known author of the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series, Robert Kiyosaki, has recently announced his stock market predictions. The Rich Dad Poor Dad book series talks about the two father figures in his life that have taught him what he knows how to be financially free. The book also goes into detail on the stock market and Kiyosaki's thoughts on investing. In recent news, the author has expressed that investors should start buying Bitcoin (BTC) as he predicts a mass stock market crash approaching. 

That being said, the author did mention that the price to buy Bitcoin may drop during the upcoming market crash; despite this, Kiyosaki will still hodl his BTC stash. Reportedly, Kiyosaki has made a prediction that the stock market will not only crash but also bring down the prices of precious metals. He stated that crypto market investments would likely be impacted by the crash as well. Aside from Bitcoin, Kiyosaki is also holding onto his precious metal holdings like gold and silver. The author's explanation for holding onto investments unrelated to stock assets is that he believes that the stock market has recently become very risky for investors.

Reportedly, Kiyosaki has been predicting a stock market meltdown, even as early as June, where he recommended his millions of Twitter followers to purchase Bitcoin before the largest crash that's waiting to happen. The author stated that Bitcoin would be worth over $1 million in a few years' time according to his predictions.

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