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Ripple CEO is Happy with the Teams Work Metting Customer Demands

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  • Ripple CEO says "XRP Team Works Day in and Day Out to Deliver Global Value"

  • According to Ripple CEO, the team has been working constantly owing to the present market conditions

  • $30 billion in payments in cash and cryptocurrency were made possible via ripplenet

On the company's ODL system, more than 90% of the currency markets are open for business.

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, tweeted on November 17 that despite the market's present difficulties, he is pleased with the work his team has been doing to satisfy client requests.

The group has consistently backed the idea of providing value to customers throughout the world while concentrating on customer care. He also believes that cryptocurrency will become much more potent. If technology is used to address real-world issues, life will be better than it is now.

The most significant points that Garlinghouse made during his speech at the London 2022 Ripple Swell conference were briefly discussed yesterday on Twitter

Garlinghouse continued:

“With everything going on lately (and during the ups and downs of this year), it feels even more important that we've come together in person to have open discussions about using blockchain and cryptocurrencies to solve real-world problems.”

Additionally, he pointed out that the leading Silicon Valley blockchain company, Ripple, has always taken the lead and would do so in developing trust and transparency in the Bitcoin investment market. Ripple focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to solve practical issues, especially those pertaining to international payments. Garlinghouse also highlighted a few of Ripple's accomplishments in the field of international payments using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Garlinghouse claims that the business has used RippleNet, a global financial network technology, to facilitate over $30 billion in payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Leading fintech business MFS Africa worked with Ripple to provide On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) to Africa. A Ripple product called the ODL employs XRP as a bridge currency for cross-border transactions. Nearly 40% of payout markets, or 90% of the foreign currency markets, are now active on ODL.

In order to use Ripple's payment systems for international transactions, a number of financial institutions have partnered with the company. In May, Ripple partnered with the Lithuanian fintech company FINCI to extend RippleNet to Eastern Europe. To enable cross-border payments in Mexico, FINCI and Ripple implemented an ODL solution.

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