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Romania Continues to Hold the First Auction of Seized Cryptocurrency

Kenny Stevens – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The Romanian National Agency for the Management of Stolen Assets (ANABI) declared on 2nd of October that it would carry out its first auction of confiscated cryptocurrency assets, as directed by a resolution of the Ploiesti Prosecutor's Office. Bidders will have the opportunity to buy Bitcoin and buy Altcoins. Auctioned blockchain funds have been recovered in a scam case, says CoinCodex and comprise limited quantities of Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.

Ether and Bitcoin Digital Auction

The auction will be conducted online through the ANABI Auction Website. The bidders would have to apply with the ANABI first. The person who posts the final bid will have to include the cryptocurrency wallet address later. Notes from ANABI read:

"Keeping in mind the essence of the moveable properties placed up for sale, the good bidder would have to notify the Department, to continue with the transition, of the public addresses of the BTC and the ETH connected with the virtual currency trading site."

According to the tendering panel of ANABI, the Romanian Government is auctioning 0.626 BTC (around $6,600) and 0.972 ETH (around $335). It seems that the auctioning company has set the starting price a little too high (up to 20% higher than the rates on common cryptocurrency exchanges), which is a bad call when selling crypto, hence receiving no bids published for the seized BTC and ETH at the time of posting. The auction will run until 16 October, which aims to entice those who look to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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