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Samsung Partners with Enjin to Support its Gaming Ecosystem

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Specialist

Samsung has recently confirmed rumours of a partnership with the Enjin coin project, the blockchain designed for a gaming ecosystem. The partnership hasn’t detailed the level of collaboration between these two projects but has stated that Samsung will support the Enjin coin within the Samsung S10.

Enjin is designing and building an ecosystem for the gaming industry that has gained strong support. The platform boasts of over 20 million users from 250,000 gaming communities already onboarded. The system has been designed as a gaming marketplace utilising the Enjin coin as a method for buying in-game digital assets and assigning ownership. Users can also exchange crypto on the market place for in-game digital assets.

It had been rumoured that users could buy and sell crypto native to the Enjin project and store within a default Enjin crypto wallet utilising the device. Yet Samsung have reiterated that the phone will support the cryptocurrency not that their device will use a default Enjin wallet.

This partnership could be a move by Samsung into the fast-growing gaming and e-sports markets with a strong focus on Asia. This market has been gaining traction from investment and Samsung recently started working with Unity to speed up game performance on its smartphones. The Enjin ecosystem can potentially become incorporated with the gaming applications on Samsung for easy in-game purchases.

The ecosystem could also be used to cash out crypto to cash in the future. Avid gamers of the network could accumulate in-game currencies and monetise on their time spent, selling crypto earned back to the ecosystem.

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