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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Blockchain Wallet Now Includes Support for 33 Cryptos

By Jamie Green – Crypto Specialist

Samsung is going all guns blazing in the crypto space and the launch of the S10. The South Korean tech giant has delivered on its promise of offering a Blockchain wallet that supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means users are now able to buy and sell cryptocurrency and store all on their phone.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain news website Coingape recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 blockchain wallet has now added support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

It’s worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has a built-in Samsung Blockchain Keystore development kit known simply as the Samsung Blockchain Keystore (SDK). The screenshot, taken on August 29th proves that support for Bitcoin and Ethererum has finally been added:

According to a Google-translated version of the report, it says:

“Samsung Blockchain Wallet will automatically create two types of accounts: Ethereum (ETH), which has been supported from the beginning, and a newly added BTC. If you want to open an additional cryptocurrency wallet, you can create it by adding coins or tokens.”

By allowing more tokens to be added, many more users that buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos may be encouraged to use the wallet.

With this development, Samsung is now one of the other major companies to focus on the development of crypto-based products.

Samsung said: “Although other companies have not done so yet, we have already made a blockchain wallet and released it”.

Samsung seems to be innovating the space to bring use cases to the industry. With greater functionality, more could start buying crypto for everyday purchases.

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