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Sirin Labs Announces Mutual Integrations with MyEtherWallet

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Specialist

Sirin Labs, the developers of one of the first cryptocurrency-oriented phones, the Finney smartphone, has announced plans to integrate their hardware wallet with the MyEtherWallet (MEW) Ethereum portal. The collaboration will allow users of the portal who buy and sell crypto, to use the FINNEY’s cold wallet storage to interact with Ethereum and the assets on the network.

Sirin Labs is an Israeli start-up who have stated that the collaboration will make the mechanics of accessing Ether much simpler. The owner will have control of the private keys on their device and will communicate with MEW much like a Ledger device. Users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency that is on the Ethereum network direct from their phone.

The FINNEY phone runs on SIRIN OS which is an operating system designed specifically for the phone. The system has been developed to support inherent blockchain applications such as the MEW portal but is able to support encrypted communication, exchange access and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps. These integrations could allow users to sell Ethereum for services or through apps on the network.

The FINNEY phone has been designed with its own native token, the SRN token. This token can be used on the company’s line of blockchain-based products and services, which are notably targeted at the existing crypto community. This collaboration with MEW is another partnership and integration to drive the FINNEY phone to greater adoption. The CEO of MEW has stated that an on-phone hardware wallet is immensely valuable to users because it increases accessibility making it easy to send, receive, buy and sell Ether.

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