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STEM Genesis To Utilise Recent Crypto Rally To Support The First Cryptocurrency Fund For Science Technology


By Taylor - Crypto Retailer - 30-11-2021

STEM Genesis, the first ever crypto fund that supports science technology and global concerns, is using the increase in crypto market investments to provide funding for STEM. The STEM initiative looks into global problems as well as helping the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The creator of STEM Genesis, Dr Jackie Lighten, had explained that research-based funds are usually funded by taxpayers. In this case, the company is taking on board a new strategy, one that is not contracted to institutions. Dr Lighten goes on to mention how the vast majority of people that are not investing in cryptocurrency are wildly unaware of how Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is growing due to crypto assets. The company wishes to find a sustainable solution to help investors around the world to leverage their digital wealth. STEM Genesis generates profits through re-investments within STEM Enterprises.

The crypto fund understands that technical advancements are the way forward and are essential in this day and age. In order to boost a new age of advanced technology, STEM Genesis aims to find a link between the growing demand for buying crypto and real-life investments. Dr lighten declared that DeFi communities have a strong potential to change not only the digital world but also solve real-world problems. He explained that the rise of DeFi may even alter people’s perception of buying and selling crypto as they can benefit the world, and not necessarily in a digital sense.

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