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Storx, A Decentralised Storage System, Has Hit A Limit Of 2.7 PB

By Jamie G - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 08-08-2021

StorX is reshaping the data storage environment by drastically lowering storage costs while increasing bandwidth. The storage network is changing the online storage industry as it hits a new milestone. 

StorX has reached a new industry goal of having a 2.7 PB storage capacity. The decentralised storage system took a month to achieve this incredible feat after its initial debut. However, multiple cloud storage companies have already achieved this goal, but that being said, it took them several months to reach a 2.7 PB capacity.

To put it into perspective, 2.7 PetaBytes (PB) is the same as 2700000 gigabytes (GB) of storage which can hold 11k+ Movies in high-quality 4k resolution. This data means a lifetime's worth of data can be stored in a single cloud storage network.

StorX Network Founder Handy Barot stated that StorX has resistance against censorship and is self-sovereign, which he believes to be why the storage company grew greatly in less than a month. Aside from a capacity increase, the blockchain-based storage network also has an envious community with over 110K+ users.

StorX also has over 2,800 storage nodes while they stake 5.5million of its native cryptocurrency trading token SRX. Again, StorX has accomplished these in less than a month.

The storage network that uses decentralised blockchain technology plans to create a path for the industry to build a more decentralised internet where users control their privacy and security. 

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