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Ternoa joins Cross The Ages to revolutionize the NFT-based gaming business

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  • Ternoa and Cross The Ages release Mainnet settings to upend the NFT Market economy
  • The partnership intends to transform the direction of NFT-based gaming
  • Ternoa guarantees real ownership, interoperability, and data durability for Cross The Ages users

In order to encourage the adoption of utilitarian NFTs, Ternoa, a layer 1 blockchain ecosystem, teamed up with Play-to-Earn platform Cross The Ages. Ternoa's goal was to build a compelling new-age gaming experience in the web3 arena.

Since Ternoa offers a no-smart contracts solution with access to independent infrastructure, nodes, stack, community, and funding, Cross The Ages may build NFTs at scale, enabling their holders to store and retrieve the data through decentralized storage, easily and securely. To become the first P2E gaming platform on the market to completely leverage next-generation utility NFTs, Cross The Ages begins utilizing Ternoa's built-in features. Ternoa assures three important elements that they were the driving force for this union.

True Ownership: Ternoa provides a combination of decentralization and encryption to assure that only the owner of the NFT may access the connected material, in accordance with the principles of protected digital asset ownership.

Interoperability: Ternoa, built with Substrate, is renowned for focusing on interoperability by tying together gaming communities to allow for network sharing that isn't constrained.

Ternoa enables the project to rely on long-term decentralized data storage solutions that ensure that the contents of NFTs survive their original owners, enabling data longevity. According to Quentin Giraud, chief gaming officer of Cross The Ages, the incorporation of native NFT functions into Substrate-made Ternoa would boost the flexibility of gaming's growth. He added that the core components of Cross The Ages, such the Capsule and upgradeable NFT, would also be present.

Additionally, Ternoa will provide a ready-to-use market place that will enable Cross The Ages to run a CTA-only NFT trading platform without jeopardizing user security. Similar to how Mickael Canu, CEO and co-founder of Ternoa, responded to this partnership, Ternoa "came into their universe" since Cross The Ages is so ambitious. Amazing, user-centered features that are future-proof will be developed by us.

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