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The First Accomplishments and Plans for the Future of the Zelwin Marketplace for Goods

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Zelwin is a digital platform that blends blockchain technology with online shopping.Put simply, it is a marketplace of goods that can be bought using cryptocurrencies.

Its development began in 2019 when Nikolay Shkilev's and his team launched their specific platform aimed at the retail industry. Zelwin is also designed to enable shops to market their items effectively, providing a convenient payment method for consumers to buy merchandise using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Zelwin’s blockchain network is designed with customer customization in mind, providing an interesting and inventive experience for its users. This network’s payment system encourages customers to conduct purchases in the following ways:

  • In fiat (USD / EUR and over 30 national currencies) using Visa / MasterCard;
  • In cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH);
  • Using ZLW token

Thanks to its cashback scheme, a customer can collect a percentage of the sale price from each order on the Zelwin website. The incentive is attributed to ZLW tokens, which can be transferred into merchandise or used to buy cryptocurrency.

Keen to reward its users with some type of passive income, the Zelwin team also developed an affiliate program:

  1. Invite the sellers to earn a share of the commission from their transactions. That is also very advantageous for shops, as it is free to enter a new emerging market, where payment is sent only on actual purchases.
  2. Invite new clients to get 20% cashback. New users will particularly benefit because they will earn double cashback on transactions after registration via the referral link.
  3. Specific partner programs allow you to gain the same status of a partner and receive extra incentives from sales and purchases by customers.

Zelwin was one of the Top-20 blockchain start-up projects of 2020. According to Hackernoon, hundreds of collaborators have signed up, including IT giants such as Stripe, Yandex, Coinbase Commerce, other cryptocurrency trading platforms and shows only signs of expanding.

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