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The HTC Exodus 1 is Soon to Become Available for Purchase Using Fiat

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Specialist

The smart mobile phone developer HTC is soon to bring their new blockchain phone, Exodus 1, to the mass market. The Exodus 1 has been making headlines for the past few months as one of the first blockchain-enabled smartphones to be sold commercially. Users could sell crypto through their phone for products or services.

The phone comes built in with the Zion Wallet to allow users to conduct cryptocurrency transactions view assets and manage their portfolio. This wallet also provides the private keys to users maintaining full ownership of their coins. The Zion wallet support transactions for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many tokens on the Ethereum network allowing user to sell ether direct from their phone.

HTC has recently onboarded new partnerships to bring further integration to the Exodus 1. These collaborations have brought a further 20 apps to the platform for more content. One of the biggest partners HTC has acquired is with Opera, allowing users to make micropayments to websites. Though there is currently no direct trading functionality, users can sell Litecoin to an exchange or brokerage such as we at BC Bitcoin, using the Opera browser.

Several Decentralised Applications (DApps) are available; which are held and run from an app store using the phone’s hardware unmanaged by any individual or organisation. These DApps should have no downtime which could allow crypto selling at any given point. Opera also hosts a DApp store of its own which can be found using the Opera browser app with a selection of exchanges, games, blockchain social networks and one Airbnb.

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