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The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold Was CryptoPunks 5822, According to Nansen

David – Cryptocurrency Expert 

  • The priciest NFT ever sold is a blue extraterrestrial wearing a bandana named CryptoPunks 5822

  • Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of Chain, a firm providing blockchain infrastructure, is the owner of this NFT

  • At $6.9 million, Ringers 109 is one of the top six non fungible tokens to be ever sold

The most valuable NFT crypto that was ever sold is CryptoPunks 5822, which fetched an astounding $23.4 Million, according to recent data from blockchain analytics firm Nansen. CryptoPunks has earned the top spot on the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Purchases with their 10,000-piece NFT collection. Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of Chain, a company that provides blockchain infrastructure, is the owner of CryptoPunks 5822.

CryptoPunks 4156 came in second place after selling for an impressive $11.078 million. However, in July 2022, Nick Tomaino, the founder, and general partner of the cryptocurrency investment business, again bought the punk. This deal was closed for $3.3 million, at a loss of about $7 million.

Ringers 109, a ringer NFT with 11 qualities, rose to sixth place in terms of price, fetching an astounding $6.9 million. Ringers 879, which has a recursive grid in the color yellow and is in eighth place, sold for $5.6 million. The third NFT of the most expensive NFT coins on the list is CryptoPunks 5577, which sold for $7.8 million. CryptoPunks 3100 and 7804, which were sold for a combined $7.5 Million and are taking fourth and fifth place.

While CryptoPunks 5217 was sold for $5.36 Million and ranked as the ninth most expensive NFT, CryptoPunks 8857 held the seventh spot on the list and cost $6.41 Million. Additionally, CryptoPunks 7252, which cost $5.312 Million to purchase, is the ninth most costly non fungible token in the NFT market.

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