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The SEC Officially Approves Exodus wallet for Regulation to Allow Purchase of Exodus Shares

By Luke F - Wallet Specialist - 09-04-2021

Cryptocurrencywallet Exodus has recently obtained approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares in its operation.

Exodus Movement, Inc., a company in Delaware that has created a high-ranking non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform, received notification on Thursday that the Securities and Exchange Commission has qualified it providing a Class A common stock which files under Regulation A.

The shares recently dropped in price in the US just last night and can be easily purchased through the platform itself. Exodus has operated for several years as a wallet for those who invest in cryptocurrency, compliant with a wide range of digital assets. The wallet also includes multiple functions that allow users further services for crypto asset management including portfolio tracking and swapping coins for another directly. According to the announcement, users can now purchase Exodus shares via the app as well.

The cost to buy the Class A common stock is currently listed at about $27.42 per unit based on the Thursday release. Investors can easily buy just one share or alternatively can hold as many as 2,733,229 shares. In the statement, it is said that all investors have to make sure that they are registered with the Exodus transfer agent Securitize, referring to two options for registration: via Securitize or directly in the Exodus wallet.

Shares can only be owned by citizens of the United States. People from Arizona, Florida, and Texas, on the other hand, would be unable to participate.

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