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TikTok NFT Collection Is Now Available for Purchase

By Harry B - Crypto Specialist - 01-10-2021

Buying and selling crypto art has become one of the top new ways of investing. Traders who initially invest in cryptocurrency look toward other volatile markets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT market contains endless collections ranging from digital art to game characters.

A video-focused social media app has also taken to the NFT market to produce its own collection. TikTok, a social media platform specialising in short-video-based content, has announced its first NFT collection TikTok Top Moments, which is now available for purchase in the market. Reportedly, the new collection was made by the app's users known as "TikTokers," which were inspired by the platform's videos.

TikTok Top Moments will ultimately help artists be acknowledged and realise their objectives within the TikTok community, which will benefit the general public. According to the creators of the NFTs, the new collection will help content producers of the platform gain deserved recognition worldwide. By utilising the NFT marketplace, TikTokers may be able to receive incentives to help them with their content creation.

According to CoinQuora, the social media platform's users will witness a "valuable and culturally significant" event on TikTok. The article regarding the TikTok NFTs further explained that investors could buy the collection through the Ethereum (ETH) network and will be driven by Immutable X. Because the creators of the collection are utilising Immutable X Layer-2, this means investors won't need to pay gas fees.

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