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Twitter Releases BTC Tipping Feature To Pay Platform's Influencers

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 01-09-2021

Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) has been growing in adoption globally in recent years. Around the world, BTC ATMs are popping up in popular destinations like London, more and more businesses are adding Bitcoin to accepted payment methods and it's even used as legal tender in a country. In Bitcoin's latest venture for worldwide adoption, social media platform Twitter is rumoured to add a new payment feature that's BTC inclusive.

Twitter's newest work-in-progress feature that allows fans to tip their favourite content creators is taking the crypto media by storm. While this function is still in development, it's reported that there is an IOS beta version. According to MacRumours, in the most recent beta feature, Twitter has created a code in the "Tip Jar" that will allow Bitcoin investments to be integrated into the payment gateway.

Twitter's tip jar function was announced back in May that fans could support their beloved influencers by sending rewards and payments. As of current, there is no known knowledge of when the Bitcoin feature will be made accessible to the public despite the project is already being tested by beta users. Reportedly, the social media platform CEO has told BTC PEERS that Bitcoin trading could be a significant part of further improving Twitter. If this is confirmed, then BTC will be integrated as a viable payment alternative alongside Cash App, Venmo, and Paypal in the Tip Jar feature.

If Bitcoin becomes a part of one of the popular payment options in the Tip Jar, this will further bring global adoption for cryptocurrency as a whole. Reportedly, the Bitcoin tipping function on Twitter will be done through the Lightning Network's Strike. If the two companies collaborate, this will bring a worldwide spread and trend for crypto tipping.

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