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UK Provider Of Business Travel Management Services Partners With BitPay

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Professional

The UK’s leading provider of specialist business travel management has reportedly partnered with the largest global blockchain payments provider BitPay. The partnership will allow Corporate Traveller to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments from their SME customers providing a greater incentive to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Corporate Traveller has offices in 20 locations nationwide and is the largest and only UK travel management company that offers online and offline services just for the client sector. As a result, they can provide unrivalled airfares, hotels and product options. Savings of which all are passed onto the client who can choose to sell crypto or cash out Bitcoin for their travel expenses.

Corporate Traveller have led the way when looking after the specific business travel needs of SME companies for the last 20 years and have built their business around the customer. They believe their business model has succeeded and will only continue to succeed if they focus on the execution of their customer services experience that clients cannot receive elsewhere.

The business noticed an increasing demand from their clients to be offered the option to pay in Bitcoin for business travel bookings and so explored options allowing clients to exchange Bitcoin or sell ether for their travel expenditure. BitPay was chosen to manage the merchant processing as they have the experience and infrastructure to handle the whole process from accepting the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the customer and depositing the cash to Corporate Traveller. Corporate Traveller has no exposure to the volatility of the cryptocurrencies when using this system and receives the payment in GBP.

BitPay has created a unique business model that many are trying to capitalise on. BitPay will handle all the cryptocurrency transactions and processing for a client and have the value transacted to their account in Fiat, allowing the client to offer their services for a cryptocurrency.

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