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UniSwap Was Recently Down Due to the Problems with CloudFlare

David – Cryptocurrency Expert 

  • The discord moderator for Uniswap said that a Cloudflare routing problem is what caused the breakdown

  • Until the problem is fixed, users are urged to use the most recent version accessible via the IPFS links

Decentralized Protocol (DeFi), Uniswap experienced a serious failure since it was unable to open for several hours. Popular journalist Colin tweeted that a Cloudflare routing issue was to blame for the failure, according to the company's discord moderator.

In addition, the moderator urged users to view the most recent version using IPFS links until the issue was fixed. Although its front end is allegedly down, the contracts continue to function regularly. The bulk of users typically interact with the platform's front end. Therefore, even if the problem only impacts the front end, they assume the entire platform is down.

With a $1.1 billion volume, Coinbase overtook the exchange as the second-largest host for Ethereum trading.

Due to the recent collapse of FTX many of the users migrated to Uniswap services. The protocol also stated that users use well-known and reliable platforms. Surprisingly, identical Cloudflare routing concerns have been reported by cryptocurrency exchange platforms and websites in June 2022, including Etherscan Browser, Discord, CoinGecko, etc.

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