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Venezuelan President Announces Petro Airdrops as an Incentive for Medical Workers

By Tyler S – Cryptocurrency Expert

During the current constant global fight against COVID-19, all countries, economies and most industries have been largely affected. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is addressing this and announced recently that the government will reward all healthcare workers and doctors in the country with a free Petros (₽) donation.

Published recently on Twitter, the government’s airdrop campaign will ensure that each doctor will receive one free Petro as a medical bonus as they continue battling on the frontline of this outbreak. Cryptocurrency trading in Venezuela remains popular, though the country has endured heavy economic pressures and social crises. This has resulted in more citizens looking at buying Bitcoin as an additional means of investment.

The Petro is an oil-backed decentralized digital currency and was launched in early 2018. Since late 2019, the Venezuelan government have declared repeatedly that they will begin integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their ecosystem. One Petro was stated previously to be worth $60, though as of late 2019, was trading closer to $20-25.

A unique platform named ‘Patria System’ is said to facilitate the special bonus scheme. The project was developed by the current administration to hedge against the country’s collapsing banking infrastructure.  While this may appear progressive for both the nation and the industry, one must acknowledge that the minimum wage in the country is $3.61 and that today’s healthcare and working conditions are reportedly unsafe for medical workers.

Reports indicate that many work without personal protective equipment, such as face masks and other hygiene products and put their own lives at severe risk when treating Coronavirus patients. Many also note that while the initiative may show some positive but limited results, most doctors have never engaged in buying crypto or have little knowledge of how to buy Bitcoin. On top of this, the small portion of those who received 0.5 Petro as a holiday bonus in December raised the fact that they could not put the digital currency to real use as more infrastructure is needed.

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