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Wallet Web3 Through a partnership with MEXC Ventures, Omni raises $11 million USD

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

Media reports state that Web3 wallet Omni declared in May of this year that it had closed an equity fundraising for $11 million USD at a valuation of $50 million USD. The Spartan Group, GSR Markets, Eden Block, OP Crypto, and other institutions were among the investors, as well as MEXC Ventures, a fund under MEXC.

James Stackhouse, Alex Harley and Serafin Lion Engel established Omni, which was once known as Steakwallet. It facilitates cross-chain token transfers and has built-in liquidity and staking features.

Omni has developed smart contract middleware that allows users to stake tokens over more than 20 protocols and displays NFTs depending on various technologies at this time. Omni will eventually interface with other L2 networks, including zkSync, StarkNet, and others.

MEXC Ventures is a diversified fund devoted to the digital asset, cryptocurrency investment, blockchain, and other technology industries. It is associated with the cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC. It is dedicated to assisting teams and entrepreneurs in their long-term growth and success in the blockchain sector by offering expert advisory services, financial support and technical assistance.

"The future of blockchain is an organic ecosystem where numerous L1s and L2s intertwine," said MEXC Ventures' investment manager. The wallet serves as a sort of transit hub once the user's journey across web3 begins. It is crucial that it can seamlessly interact with each chain and tier. By meeting consumer demands, Omni compensates for the flaws in its existing rivals' products. From the perspective of the user experience, it makes it easier for users to manage assets and interact with contracts on each chain.

MEXC Ventures has made investments in a variety of industries, including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and blockchain infrastructure. Over 50 blockchain startups, including Avalanche, Mina, Qredo, Polkadot, Manta, Dorafactory, Raydium, and many more, have received funding from it.

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