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Why This Platform Might Be a Huge Success as South Korea's Cryptocurrency Booms

By Tyler S - Cryptocurrency Investor - 16-04-2021

South Korean crypto markets have long remained apart from the rest of the globe mostly because of the Kimchi premium, which allows users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) to sell at higher rates on local exchanges than elsewhere. This platform is looking to capitalize on the country's passionate interest in digital assets with an aggressive expansion of its offerings that sit at the intersection of gaming and investing in cryptocurrency.

GamerHash, which focuses on gaming, digital products, and NFT marketplaces, allows players to mine cryptocurrencies on their gaming PCs.

With crypto miners and gamers competing for Nvidia graphics cards even during a worldwide shortage, this is arguably a win-win situation.

The platform has a marketplace where users can buy games, gift cards, and collectibles without the need for a bank account or credit card. The GamerHash shop currently has over 600 items, and a peer-to-peer marketplace for nonfungible tokens is in the works.

The business is also well aware that not every gamer has hardware capable of profitably mining cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the company created a separate function known as Play&Earn which ensures all users can participate by simply completing quests such as installing mobile applications and playing specific games.

GamerHash recently announced that it has become a silver member in the Blockchain Game Alliance, one of the world's most prominent crypto swap and gaming organizations, joining Sandbox and Enjin. The platform is optimistic that this will lead to more collaboration in the future, similar to the ones GamerHash already has with Chainlink (LINK).

Another significant achievement was the listing of GamerCoin, the platform's local cryptocurrency buying platform, Bithumb. This cryptocurrency for gamers has been approved in the European Union, and the Maltese Financial Authority registered the project's white paper in 2020.

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