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Will THETA Go To The Moon? Investors Remain Hopeful For $10 Mark

By Mark L - Crypto Broker - 05-09-2021

The term decentralised has become the go-to keyword when it comes to cryptocurrency trading as a more desirable feature to investors. Users often choose decentralised exchanges to deal directly with one another instead of investing with a centralised exchange.

In recent news, a decentralised video streaming network has been taking centre stage with its cryptocurrency token. The price to buy crypto coin Theta (THETA) has been predictably trading at the $8 mark for a while. However, investors have been keeping a close eye on the coin despite the unchanging price. The THETA Network is a decentralised video streaming and delivery platform that's supported by blockchain technology. The network has an ongoing mission to reach the moon, with many hopeful THETA investors backing its growth journey. The network's latest accomplishment toward reaching the goal was a recent collaboration with ONE Championship, a significant martial arts network.

While many traders are waiting on the price for THETA to reach $10, crypto news platform CoinQuora has predicted that THETA will struggle with its following price goals. The current resistance barrier the crypto coin is facing is $8.231; if THETA surpasses this bar, the subsequent struggles will be $10.124 and $13.262. As of writing, the price to buy and sell crypto token THETA is currently trading at $8.01, this places the coin as 25th by market capitalisation.

According to analysts, if THETA is able to surpass each resistance bar, then there would likely be a bull run for the crypto coin. That being said, THETA is still yet to recover to its previous price value pre-crypto crackdown. Prior to the crackdown, the decentralised crypto coin reached its all-time high of $15.90.

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