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XinFin collaborates with SImplex-Powered Guarda Wallet

By Jamie G - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 30-07-2021

A Simplex-powered wallet known as Guarda Wallet has launched its fastest transaction support for XinFin's XDC token. This extra support for purchasing tokens allows users to buy XDC with various payment methods such as debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, or global bank deposits.

The latest implementation for adopting the XDC Network hybrid blockchain ecosystem, has proven crucial as the XDC native token to enable payments and smart contract operability.

Increasing the number of payment methods for investing in cryptocurrency XDC is believed to stabilise in the long run by exposing it to a more extensive network of participants and developers.

Using different payment methods such as Apple pay, credit cards, debit, or even wire transfers, allows individuals to deposit XDC swiftly into their wallets. As Guarda's partner, Simplex conducts the conversion and gives extensive expertise and widespread adoption to ensure a flawless exchange procedure.

Guarda is a digitalised wallet that can hold various currencies available online, mobile, desktop and a Chrome extension plugin. Guarda is an excellent crypto coin storage wallet to use as it is compatible with over 50 significant blockchains and even more tokens and crypto. Guarda has supported and collaborated with XinFin's XDC Network since 2020 and only now releasing the all-important instant option to buy cryptocurrency.

The hybrid-built blockchain network, XinFin XDC Network, aims at bringing in and promoting itself to potential enterprise customers. The platform has plans to complete the Quorum project, eventually built on an enterprise-optimised version of Ethereum (ETH). Since its creation, XinFin has concentrated primarily on notable collaborations to bring blockchain technology to the masses, aided by its XDPoS consensus process, ensuring the requisite performance.

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