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Kava Lend (HARD)

Last Updated 10/02/2022

Official Website: https://www.kava.io/lend

What is Kava Lend (HARD)

Kava Lend is a decentralised money market based on the Kava Platform that allows for cross-chain asset lending and borrowing. Kava Lend accepts supply-side deposits in the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, XRP, BNB, BUSD, and USDX. For supported assets, the platform will allow for overcollateralized borrowing.

Kava Lend's native governance token is the HARD token. A smart contract locks all HARD tokens delivered as prizes. HARD token holders with longer vesting schedules will receive additional tokens. Governance votes on the specific alternatives for token redemptions. The Kavas cross-chain market, originally released as Harvest and today known as the HARD Protocol, as part of its rebradning to become Kava Lend, offers tolken holders easy-access to dencentralised finance (DeFi) products and services, including DeFi applications (Dapps). An open-source and permissionless DeFi application, users have access to Kava's cross-chain bridges and Chainlink oracles, all the while retaining Kava's transparency and security.

Kava Lend (HARD) is one of the first protocols to implement and utilise the KAVA network integrity, price and market feed interface, and its cross-chain functionality. The three main areas of utility include: Supply and Liquidity, meaning users can supply their digital tokens to receive rewards and earn interest, Borrowing, where users assign their assets as collateral to borrow other tokens and lastly, Earn, meaning suppliers and borrows can earn the native governance token, HARD by interacting with the application.


The project is looking to enact 4-month major release cycles that are targeted for Kava 2021 Development.

Kava 5

HARD Protocol Version 2 will include variable interest rate borrowing as well as HARD distribution to both asset suppliers and borrowers. HARD Governance will also be improved so that the HARD community can update more protocol parameters more quickly.

Kava 6

An Autonomous Market Making (AMM) service and application will be provided, which will act as an on-chain liquidity pool for Kava users to trade various assets for usage in other financial services.

Kava 7

A Robo Advisor service and application will be deployed to assist in the automation of strategies across the many financial services offered on Kava, as well as to boost user onboarding by allowing a wider pool of less hands-on Kava customers to participate in yield-generating strategies.

Kava Lend Community Overview

Kava Lend's initial focus will be on developing communities in Asia, North America, and Europe. Kava's validators, users, and trade communities will all be used in the project's community-building strategy. As more materials are uploaded to the platform, efforts will be made to increase user adoption in certain areas. 

Current community growth strategies of Kava Lend include:

•    KAVA token holders will receive HARD staking incentives.
•    Starting a liquidity mining operation in order to attract deposits of supported assets.
•    Educating users on Kava Lend's use cases on a regular basis.
•    Using social media to actively communicate with the audience.

Future community growth strategies of Kava Lend include:

•    Extend the list of supported tokens to include other important blockchain assets.
•    Fostering growth by collaborating with important blockchain communities.
•    Using Ambassador Programs to strengthen local communities.

Where to Store Kava Lend (HARD)

Kava lend can be stored in Math wallet. Math Wallet is a multi-platform (mobile, desktop, hardware) universal crypto wallet. Math Wallet  supports over 50 blockchains and more than 3000 tokens.

Kava Lend can also be stored on the platform and exchnages it trades on such as Binance and Kucoin. 

We can also store Kava Lend for you in our coin storage, more information can be found on our information page here.

Where to Buy and Sell Kava Lend (HARD)

You can Buy HARD by heading over to the Buy Coins Page of our website. HARD is available on BC Bitcoin trading against major fiat currencies: GBP and EUR. Buying HARD has never been easier, simply place your order, where detailed will be the HARD coin price, and provide your wallet address. Once your payment arrives, HARD will be sent directly to your wallet.

If you choose to Sell Kava Lend (HARD), you can send us the coins and receive a payment to your bank account. Details and a live valuation can be found on the Sell Coins Page.


Website: https://www.kava.io/lend
Block Explorer: https://www.mintscan.io/kava
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kava_platform

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is the readers responsibility to complete their own research and due diligence.

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