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Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

How To View Transaction History in Trust Wallet

Last updated 22/11/2022

Website: https://trustwallet.com/

What is Trust Wallet Token (TWT)?

Trust Wallet is a long standing, community trusted and mobile compatible wallet. The wallet is interoperable on multiple chains and can hold many different crypto assets with over 1m+ active users. The service was acquired and adopted by major cryptocurrency exchange Binance to integrate within their system as the standard wallet service. Initially, the wallet service was designed for compatibility with the Ethereum network, the wallet can hold all tokens on the network as well as other BEP20 wallets and Bitcoin. The wallet prides itself as the most Trusted and secure crypto wallet.

Redeveloped in October 2020, Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is a utility and governance token, native to the Trust Wallet and built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and is still operable with the Binance Chain (BEP2).

The wallet itself is open source, which enables developers to build compatible dApps (Decentralised Applications), many of which are operable with Trust Wallet including third-party DEXs (Decentralised Exchanges) such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and UniSwap (UNI)

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Governance rights are a core function of Trust Wallet Token, which gives holders voting power for proposals from the protocol submitted by the Trust Wallet DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). Holders can vote with a 1:1 ratio of votes to TWT stake, any proposal that reaches over 51% is considered for implementation. Any TWT holder can create a proposal, which will then filtered by the core Trust Wallet team of developers before being voted on by the Trust Wallet DAO and holders. The holders with successful proposals are rewarded in accordance with the amount of value brought to the project in the form of token airdrops, giveaways and other offers. 

The tokens other main use case applies to its DEX which provides access of a wide range of cryptoassets compatible with TrustWallet. TWT holders can expect a reduced fee when transacting on the DEX as well as in-app purchases. 


Trust Wallet was founded by Viktor Radchenko in 2017 when the California based developer noticed that there was a lack of open-source EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) wallet software supporting mobile usage and decided to build the software wallet. Following its success with the crypto community Binance acquired Trust Wallet in 2018 and Radchenko now continues his work on trust wallet with the backing of the Binance team and resources. 

Where to Store Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

You can store Trust Wallet Token (TWT) in its native Trust Wallet along with many other cryptocurrencies. Trust wallet is free and easy to use and can be downloaded to either a desktop or mobile device. Trust Wallet is tied to the device it is downloaded on which will also be the device you use to access and manage your cryptoassets. 

Trust Wallet Tokens (TWT) are built on the Binance Smart Chain BEP20 (BSC) network, they can be stored in any wallet compatible with Binance Smart Chain-based (BSC) transactions. Alternative options to keep your CAKE secure can therefore include MetaMask, a leading browser wallet extension popular amongst DeFi platforms, as well as Binance Chain Wallet Google Chrome Extension. Unlike MetaMask, this wallet is only available as a Google extension.

Where to Buy and Sell Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

You can Buy & Sell Trust Wallet Token (TWT) by heading over to the Buy Coins page of our website.  NEAR (NEAR) is available on BC Bitcoin trading against major fiat currencies: GBP and EUR. Buying TWT has never been easier, simply place your order and provide your wallet address.

Once your payment arrives Trust Wallet Token (TWT) will be sent directly to your wallet. If you choose to Sell Trust Wallet Token (TWT) you can send us the coins and receive a payment to your bank account. Details and valuation can be found on the Sell Coins page.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Resources

Website: https://trustwallet.com/
Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrustWallet
Github: https://github.com/trustwallet

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is the readers' responsibility to complete their own research and due diligence.

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