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Coin Storage

BC Bitcoin offers our customers a simple Coin Storage solution and the option to leave purchased cryptoassets in our Custody. We support a wide selection of both major Cryptoassets as well as smaller up and coming projects. While all listed cryptoassets on our platform are available to be added to Coin Storage, some additional cryptoassets may also be available, please see our Status Page for a full list of supported coins.

We implement and maintain rigorous and industry standard safeguards to ensure your cryptoassets are safe when left in our Custody. Many of the major cryptoassets supported by BC Bitcoin are held within secure vault accountsThe assets are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication, Biometric Security, Whitelisting Procedures with Transaction Monitoring and Alert Systems. This is in place for many major cryptoassets and blockchain networks, but we also support a selection of token standards including ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP2 and BSC.

Most of the cryptoassets in Coin Storage are segregated from our holdings and held within Insured Wallets, Hot Wallets, Cold Storage solutions, Regulated Institutional Accounts and/or Exchanges. This means in the unlikely event of a BC Bitcoin default; your assets are safe. Any third parties involved in the storage are fully vetted and monitored with regular reviews. While we do have these measures in place, we also strive to inform and guide our customers on an on-going basis regarding their contribution and responsibility to ensure state-of-art security and knowledge is applied on both sides of any trade.

While we take all the available precautions to protect your assets, there is no way to 100% guarantee their safety. We do consider your capital at risk and ask all Customers complete their full due diligence when leaving cryptoassets with us instead of receiving them to a personal wallet. BC Bitcoin cannot be held responsible for any loss of cryptoassets from malicious attacks, blockchain failures and other actions outside our control. While using our Coin Storage service you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Accessing Cryptoassets within Coin Storage

If you wish to Sell or Swap Cryptoassets held within Coin Storage, please place an order via the website as normal and complete the steps outlined. As you will not be required to send cryptoassets for the order, please contact us via email to confirm the Sale/Swap is to be completed from your Holdings. The cryptoassets in Coin Storage are available any time during our business hours to Sell, Swap and/or Withdraw to a Wallet Addres within your control. Your transaction activity and order history are available to view within your account, but we can also provide a Coin Holdings report upon request.

Want to set up your own Wallet?

Visit our Wallet Guides page for general information about various wallets that are available. It is widely considered a safe practice to hold cryptoassets in your own possession for safekeeping. You may also check out our FAQ Page for all your Crypto Queries. We always recommend performing your due diligence and research into any platform, service, wallet provider or cryptoassets you consider and always remember to back up your wallet!

Want to set up your own Cold Storage Wallet?

Ledger is one of the leading Crypto Asset Cold Storage options, a well-known and highly trusted Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet manufacturer. Their products are used by millions across the world to keep cryptoassets safe. All Ledger devices support multiple cryptoassets in Cold Storage, offline and safely disconnected from the internet.

We always recommend you do your own thorough research and due diligence. When setting up and using your device, please always refer to the official Ledger website and support information. Please take care and ensure you only purchase devices directly from the official manufacturer at Ledger.com

Ledger Products:

•    Ledger Nano S – Holds up to 4 different Cryptoassets
•    Ledger Nano X – Holds up to 100 different Cryptoassets

Holding cryptoassets in a Cold Storage wallet such as Ledger devices is considered one of the safest methods of holding cryptocurrency. For further information, please see our Ledger Wallet Guide.

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