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Arweave Wallet

Wallet Provider: Minimum Spanning Technologies Limited

Official Website: https://arweave.app/connect 

Compatible Operating Systems: Chrome, Edge, Firefox 

Description: You can surf the weave, connect your accounts securely to decentralized applications, and distribute permanent data from the browser using the Arweave web wallet.  

Supported Crypto Assets: Arweave (AR) tokens

Step 1: Visit the web arweave.app in your browser 

Click on the following link to open up the web application https://arweave.app/connect 

Step 2: Generate a wallet 

To create a new public/private key pair as a first-time user, click the tiny “plus” button in the bottom left corner. 

When communicating with Arweave, these keys serve as both your password and your distinctive ID.

Click the "Create new wallet" button on the screen that appears.

The passphrase displayed is only an example. 

You'll be given a 12-word passphrase right away. You can recreate the public and private key pair for your wallet using this secret code. This phrase should be written down on paper and kept in a safe place. If your computer ever breaks down, you can use this method to get your wallet and its contents back.

Click the proceed button.

You've successfully added a new set of wallet keys.

Sharing wallet addresses won't jeopardize your wallet's security because they are visible to everyone. For the purpose of visually differentiating each wallet key pair you upload, Arweave.app creates a special icon.

Step 3: Download public/private key pair in a key file.

Select "Download" from the menu. This will start the key file download. You must keep this key file safe and secure because it is for your freshly created Arweave wallet. Since it cannot be repaired, keep it safe and secure against theft or mishandling.

There is only one opportunity to download the key file; however, if for some reason the download was unsuccessful, you can try again and a new wallet will be created.

Step 4: Generate an Arweave Cold wallet (Optional) 

Once you have downloaded the key file, copy this file to several offline storage devices (for example, USB sticks or prints of the file to physical paper). Store these copies securely.

Click the "Delete" button to remove your newly created wallet from the browser.

Step 5: Send AR tokens to your new Arweave wallet address

If you have not already got an account, you will need to Register or Login.

Navigate to the Buy Coins page to place an order via Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit Card.

  1. Select a Arweave (AR) to purchase and enter the amount to spend
  2. Within the Your Wallet Address field, enter your wallet address (Any additional Info)
  3. Complete the order and payment, coins will be sent to your provided wallet

Make sure you double-check your order and wallet information before submitting the order.

We check all wallet addresses are valid on the blockchain before sending coins. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we will assist you.

Arweave Wallet Overview


  • AR tokens 
  • dApp permissions 
  • Open Source 
  • No Install 
  • Can be used as a cold wallet 


  • Not compatible with other blockchain addresses
  • Does not support NFTs
  • Does not support PSTs 
  • No page archiving

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