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Digibyte Wallet Guide

Wallet Provider: The DigiByte Foundation

Official Website: www.digibyte.io/

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOS & Linux.

Supported Cryptocurrencies: DigiByte (DGB)


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Last Updated: 19.04.2019

Step 1: Download a DigiByte Wallet

Go to the official DigiByte website and navigate to Downloads, where you can view all wallets compatible with DGB.

You can also search DigiByte Wallet within the App Store or Google Play.

Select your devices operating system and initiate a download. The DigiByte Core Wallet is available for Computers running Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

The DigiByte Mobile Wallet is compatible with Android and IOS and the New Digibyte Go cloud wallet is available through Google Chrome only.

Once the download is complete, run the application to get started and select Create New Wallet.

Step 2: Set a Pin and Backup Wallet Recovery Information 

Set a strong but memorable Pin to keep your wallet secure. If you are using a computer be sure to set a strong Password.

It is always highly recommended to make note of your new wallets recovery information. This can be used to retrieve any coins or assets being held should you need to regain access in an emergency.

It is important to keep this information safe and do not share this with anyone as you risk losing your Cryptocurrency.

This example shows the DigiByte Mobile App that requires you to record your wallets Personal Recovery Key. This consists of 12 Words which you will need to write down and keep safe.

When you have recorded the recovery information, continue to complete the set up.

Step 3: Locate your DGB Wallet Address

Once the wallet has been set up and the recovery information recorded you are ready to deposit coins to your new wallet.

Open your wallet or application and click “Receive”, your DGB Wallet Address will then appear.

The address should appear similar to this: DCJ4oeKyEZ63YmZJv7n9yXkjvz8bFXdFda

This is your DigiByte Wallet Address enabling you to deposit and hold DGB. Copy the wallet address displayed in its entirety, making sure all the information has been selected. You can also use the share function to send your wallet address and QR code.

Please take care and ensure you only send compatible assets to the wallet.

Step 4: Buy & Send DigiByte to your Wallet

If you already have an account log in and navigate to the Buy Coins page or click here to place an order to Buy Digibyte (DGB).

You can Register for an account by clicking here.

  1. Select Digibyte (DGB) from the “Select Your Coin” drop down menu.
  2. Choose your Payment Method, Bank Transfer (FPS or SEPA) or Credit/Debit card.
  3. Enter the value of your order, any fees or the amount of coin will be transparently displayed.
  4. Provide your Digibyte (DGB) Wallet Address by pasting it into the “Your Wallet Address” field.

Take a moment to double check and make sure all the information is correct and then proceed with “Next Step”. 

Continue following the steps to make a payment and then wait to receive DGB to your wallet. You will receive an email notification once the order is completed and the coins have been sent.

Digibyte Mobile Wallet Overview

BC Bitcoin Rating: 


  • Very easy to download and set up.
  • Pin and Biometric security features available.
  • Digi-ID integration and access to applications.
  • Great features such as share wallet address, setting a local currency and recurring payments.


  • The entire wallet address is not clearly displayed within receive.

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DigiByte Resources:

Twitter: @DigiByteCoin

Block Explorer: https://digiexplorer.info/

Foundation Website: https://digibytefoundation.io/

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Register: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/login/?register=1

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