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HandCash - BSV Wallet Guide


Provider: HandCash Labs

Website: https://handcash.io/

Support Email:info@handcash.io

Compatible Devices: Apple IOS & Android.

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin SV (BSV)

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties, please contact info@bcbitcoin.com and our team is available to help.

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Last Updated: 06.08.2019

Step 1: Download HandCash & Create a New Wallet

Search for HandCash on the App or Play Store or go to the official website and navigate to Downloads.


The wallet is available for iPhone or Android users. Select your compatible device and install the wallet.

Install App ScreenshotApp Home Screen

Once the download is complete, open the application and select New Wallet.

If you already have a HandCash wallet and would like to recover it click the Restore Wallet option.

Step 2: Choose a Handle

HandCash will ask you to set a unique username for your wallet. The Handle can be used to transfer BSV from one user to another within HandCash.

Define your handleFunds At Risk

Choose a unique Handle for your wallet and continue by clicking Next.

Step 3: Back Up the Wallet

Once you have set a Handle, you will need to create Backup of the new wallet.

To do this select the Back Up option in the middle of the home screen.

You can also Backup your wallet by going to Settings, Backup / Restore and select the 12 Words system option.

12 word systemwords in order

It is important you keep this information secure and do not share this with anyone as you risk losing your Cryptocurrency. 

Make note of the 12 Recovery Words displayed. This allows you to recover your wallet and any assets should you need to regain access.

Once you have recorded the recovery information, continue with the setup.

Step 4: Bitcoin SV Wallet Address

Navigate to the home screen and click the QR code to the right-hand side of your handle. 

Once opened the QR code displayed is your Wallet Address. You can scan and send coins to your card from compatible wallets. 

Funds at riskQR Code   

     To locate your Bitcoin SV Wallet Address click Copy Address and paste this information into a text file or word document.

This is your Bitcoin SV Wallet Address and is required for you to receive BSV. It should appear similar to this: 


Please take care to ensure you only send compatible assets to the correct wallet.

Step 5: Buy & Send Bitcoin SV (BSV) to your Wallet

In a new tab navigate to our website and click Buy Coins or click here.

If you haven't already Registered an Account you can do so by clicking here.

Register An Account

A wide selection of Digital Assets are available including Bitcoin SV.

To place an order for Cryptocurrency;

1.    Select Bitcoin SV (BSV) from the drop-down menu or search.

2.    In the field “Your Wallet Information” provide us with your Bitcoin SV Wallet Address where the coins will be sent.

3.    Complete your order by making a payment to the bank details displayed. You will receive BSV directly to your wallet.

Once you have doubled checked your order and wallet information click “next step” to continue.

HandCash Wallet Overview

BC Bitcoin Rating: Stars


•    Great interface, easy to use and set up.

•    Allows BSV to be sent and received through Handles.

•    Backup and recovery feature easy to use and understand.

•    Secured locally to your device and pin protected. 


•    The complete wallet address is not clearly displayed.

•    Only BSV wallet available.

•    No additional blockchain features available.

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