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Reddcoin Core Wallet Guide

Wallet Provider: Reddcoin Solutions LLC

Official Website: Reddcoin.com

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Description: The Reddcoin Core wallet is the official wallet supported by the project to hold and stake RDD. The client can be easily downloaded and set up on most computer operating systems. The program is easy use and while you retain a balance of RDD in the wallet you are eligible to receive 5% interest on the coins being staked. This also helps to secure the blockchain and allows you to interact with the other available features.

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Reddcoin (RDD)

Supported Staking: RDD

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Last Updated: 10/07/2020

Step 1 – Download Reddcoin Core Wallet

Head over to the official Reddcoin website to “Get Started”.

Select your computers operating system and initiate a download of the Reddcoin Core wallet. Install the program on your computer and complete the set up.

Step 2 –Open & Sync the Reddcoin Core – Wallet

Once the program has been installed on your computer open the wallet or run the program. The wallet will then appear and begin to synchronize and connect to the Reddcoin blockchain.

The amount of time remaining is displayed at the bottom and you can check the connectivity to active Reddcoin network connections. You can also find details of the amount of RDD being staked within the wallet.

Step 3 – Locate the Reddcoin Receive Wallet Address

Within your wallet click “Request”, this is how you locate and manage your Reddcoin wallet addresses. All the fields described in the top are Optional, when ready to proceed click Request Payment highlighted below.

Details of the “Requested Payment” will then appear and display your wallet address in text format and as a QR code. This can be saved as an image by clicking “Save Image” at the bottom.

Your Reddcoin (RDD) wallet address should appear similar to this example: RutpsoX57YVeh862sL81WqT4aKK5M1eW8E

It is highly advised to use the “Copy Address” function to ensure that the displayed address is copied in its entirety. With this information, you are now ready to send coins to your new RDD wallet.

There is no limit to the number of addresses that can be generated. Sending RDD to any previous address will still arrive to the wallet you have set up.

Step 4 – Buy & Send RDD to your Wallet

If you have not already set up a BC Bitcoin account, click the link here to Register or Login.

When you are ready and have logged in, navigate to the Buy Coins page or click here to place an order for Reddcoin (RDD).

  1. Select Reddcoin (RDD) from the “Select Your Coin” drop down menu.
  2. Choose your Payment Method, Bank Transfer (FPS or SEPA) or Credit/Debit card.
  3. Enter the value of your order, any fees or the amount of coin will be transparently displayed.
  4. Paste your Reddcoin (RDD) wallet address into the “Your Wallet Address” field.

Take a moment to double check and make sure all the information is correct and then proceed with “Next Step”.

Continue following the steps to make a payment and then wait to receive RDD to your wallet. You will receive an email notification once the order is completed and the RDD has been transferred to your wallet.  You can also now begin staking RDD securing the network and receiving 5% interest from your staked coins.

It is highly recommended that you create a Back Up of your wallet to ensure you retain access in case of an emergency.

Reddcoin Core Wallet Overview

BC Bitcoin Rating: 


  • Simple to download and set up, easy to manage and understand wallets.
  • Staking rewards regularly distributed for keeping your coins in the wallet.
  • Wallet has lots of advanced features available for experienced users.
  • Has Tip It and other built in features ready for further development and addition.


  • Only available on computers and not compatible with mobile phone devices.
  • The design is somewhat dated, but a new updated modern interface is under development.
  • Required to sync to the network before the wallet can be operated.

Reddcoin Core Resources:

Twitter: @Reddcoin

Support: info@reddcoin.com



BC Bitcoin Resources:

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Buy RDD: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/buy/?coin=RDD

Register/Login: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/login/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bc_bitcoin

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