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Torus Wallet

Wallet Provider: Torus Labs Private Limited

Official Website: https://tor.us/

Compatible Operating Systems: Chrome, Edge, Firefox

Description: Torus – crypto wallet which makes it easy to log in to any Web3 app with ease, few clicks allow you to connect your wallet to many decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT platforms. Users can access decentralised ecosystems through it using their personal and social media accounts, like Google, Facebook, Discord, and others.

Supported Crypto Assets: ETH, BSC, MATIC, and more.

Step 1: You can log in using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, or your email address.

Click on the following link to open the web application https://app.tor.us/

We will use the Twitter account as an example.

Step 2: Click "Authorize App" when prompted to validate your Twitter account on the following screen. After that, watch for the authorization to finish.

Easy as that, now you have created your Torus Wallet, you can now deposit and transfer TORUS wallet-supported coins.

Torus Wallet Mobile Application

Both iOS and Android apps that support Torus wallet can be integrated. Users can conduct transactions according to their usage and necessity thanks to the simple method. Additionally, it is reachable via plugins for web browsers. Using social network accounts to log in is really easy.

Torus Wallet Overview

Torus Wallet services:

  • New user registration with a single-click web login
  • Buying and selling crypto
  • Available deposits and withdrawals of different coins
  • Private and public keys that are decentralised with added security
  • Using conventional OAuth logins, swiftly connect to web3 networks

Torus Wallet Pros:

  • Torus provides customers with a trustworthy account recovery option that enables them to regain access to their accounts via social logins or email.
  • Users can begin using web3 IDs using their email accounts or regular social media accounts.
  • OAuth login offers a single-click login for accessing decentralised exchanges for cryptocurrencies.
  • It is a popular way to link user IDs from web2 and web3 using the web-native wallet service Torus.

Torus Wallet Cons:

  • To receive and send tokens into the Torus wallet, users require a public address.
  • Web browser usage is minimal in comparison to decentralised systems.
  • Users must integrate their current apps using OAuth logins in order to begin using the Torus platform.
  • The launch of the initial NFT platform is unclear to the ecosystem.

The Torus wallet is an effective gateway platform that offers a simple login for accessing Web3 decentralised ecosystems. For new users, quicker onboarding is made possible by more accessible login options. The majority of users' preferred login method of using social media proves to be beneficial for Torus wallet and its connected network.

Users today comprehend and value the concept of bundled services. All this information was taken into account by the website, which then launched a number of cryptocurrency projects with quick login choices through Google, Discord, Twitch, Facebook, and Reddit.

First-time users no longer need to memorise difficult seed phrases thanks to progressive security improvements. a positive start in giving end consumers more control. If the user desires, a different security share can be kept on their device as an additional layer of security.

Torus wallet and the entire Torus network support QR codes through additional OAuth logins, giving traditional web2 users access to the idea of the meta world.

Torus Wallet Resources:

Website: https://tor.us/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TorusLabs

Medium: https://medium.com/toruslabs

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/toruslabs

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