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ZilPay Wallet Guide

Wallet Provider: Zilliqa dApp interactive wallet

Official Website: https://zilpay.io/

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android & IOS

Description: ZilPay is a browser extension which can used int following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. ZilPay enables a connection to the Zillqa blockchain without running a full node. Because it offers a connection between the browser and blockchain, it is able to simplify Zilliqa usage and permit users to run Zilliqa apps from right within their browsers.

There is also an opportunity for developers to integrate smart contract calls which enables the wallet to work directly with dApps. This makes it a lot easier for developers to work with the Zilliqa blockchain.

Step 1: Install the ZILPay Browser Extension 

Head over to the ZilPay website where you will be able to download the browser extension. This will give you access to wallet menu which will allow you to create a ZILPay wallet.

Step 2: Create Wallet 

Once you have installed the browser extension, you will be presented with the screen below. Here you can create a wallet by clicking on the box that reads ‘CREATE’. 

Step 3: Recovery Information 

You will then be presented with the below screen. This is where your 12-word recovery phrase will be displayed. It is strongly advised to make a physical paper copy of these phrases which should be stored in a secure place. The phrases are order sensitive; this means they must be recorded in the order they are displayed. 

Step 4: Homepage 

This is the home page for the ZILPay wallet. It is a very simple layout which allows you to clearly see your current ZIL balance for the wallet and a recent transaction history.

Step 5: Sending and Receiving 

At the bottom of the home page is where the options to send and receive ZIL can be found. 

If you click the send option then the menu screen as shown below will appear.

The box with ‘Enter address’ is where you will enter the wallet address for wherever you are sending the ZIL to. An example of what this will look like is shown below. 

Clicking proceed will take you to the next stage which is shown below. You can enter the amount of ZIL you wish to send. 

Clicking on the ‘Receive’ tab at the bottom of the home page will display your ZIL wallet address as shown below. 

We strongly recommend always copy and pasting your wallet address we you are providing it to people as typing it out can lead to errors. If you are looking to have ZIL sent to your wallet then you will need to provide this wallet address to whoever is sending it to you. 

Step 6: Contacts 

At the bottom of the page, you can also head over to the contacts page. This is where you can save wallet addresses for quick transactions as you will not have to type out their wallet address each time as it will be saved already. 

Clicking the blue plus sign in the bottom right corner will allow you to add a new contact. You can then add the contact details such as their name and wallet address. 

We recommend checking with the receiver before sending each time to make sure their wallet address has not changed as it could result in the loss of your ZIL. 

Step 7: Tokens 

The third menu option is the tokens page. As shown below, you can view all the tokens supported and the balances for them in your wallet. 

Step 8: Buy Cryptocurrency and send to your Wallet

You will first need to register with us: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/login/?register=1

Then you need to go to our website and click "Buy Coins" or use the following link: https://www.bcbitcoin.co.uk/buy/

You can purchase a wide range of Digital Assets through our platform, including ZIL. 

To place an order for Cryptocurrency:
1.    Select the Cryptocurrency you would like to purchase and enter the amount you would like to spend on the Coin.
2.    In the field “Your Wallet Information” provide us with the Cryptocurrency Wallet Address where you wish to receive Cryptocurrency.
3.    Complete your order and make a payment to our account.

Once you have doubled checked your order and wallet information click “next step” to continue.
We check all wallet addresses on the public blockchain to ensure they are valid wallet addresses.
If you are still unsure, please email/call us and we will be pleased to assist you.

ZILPay Wallet Overview           

•    Strip backed layout allows for easy use

•    Contact’s feature allows for quick transactions


•    Only supports ZIL and its network tokens 
•    Does not offer the same security as a cold wallet
•    Not suitable for significant holdings


ZilPay is a great wallet to use if you are only interest in purchasing relatively small amounts of ZIL. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with how cryptos are sent and received as the interface is very simple in its function and aesthetic.
If you are looking to hold a significant sum of ZIL then a cold wallet is the better option.  This because the security features are a lot more substantial for a cold wallet compared to an online wallet. 

BC Bitcoin Resources

Articles: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/articles/
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Buy Coins: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/buy/
Register: https://www.bcbitcoin.com/login/?register=1

Additional ZilPay Resources

ZilPay Social Media: https://twitter.com/pay_zil
Contact ZilPay Support: https://zilpay.io/

ZilPay supports all of the following Cryptocurrencies:
Zilliqa (ZIL), XSGD (XSGD), Zuplo (ZLP), governance ZIL (gZIL), Zilswap (ZWAP) 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is the readers responsibility to complete their own research and due diligence. 
BC Bitcoin will not be held responsible for any investment or transaction decisions you make based on the information provided on the website.


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