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How the Growth of Ordinals Could Impact Bitcoin's Future

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The growing popularity of non fungible tokens (NFT), also known as Ordinals, on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain is sparking a new interesting crypto market investment. Proponents argue that the increase in Ordinals is not only contributing to the Bitcoin network's security, but it is also incentivizing developers to build on the ecosystem.

The Benefits of Bitcoin NFTs:

Independent developer, Udi Wertheimer, argues that Bitcoin NFTs have a positive impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem, enhancing its security and incentivizing developers to build on the network. Wertheimer explains that the increase in newly created Ordinals has caused a surge in transaction fees and average block size on the Bitcoin blockchain, which has been beneficial for Bitcoin's security budget. Through the introduction of Ordinals, miners will be incentivized to secure the network as transaction fees rise, even as mining rewards diminish with each successive Bitcoin halving.

Impact on Bitcoin's Future:

Moreover, Ordinals could provide a new use case for building on Bitcoin and making it commercially profitable. As the interest around Ordinals continues to grow, Wertheimer anticipates that a very big ecosystem will be built around it. Despite the argument by some Bitcoin core developers that NFTs are not an appropriate use case for trusted Bitcoin, Wertheimer believes that Bitcoin core developers have ignored what actual Bitcoin users want in recent years.

Investing in NFTs:

As more people get interested in NFT, it is essential to know how to buy NFT and make a profit from them. Investing in NFTs requires a good understanding of the market and identifying Bitcoin and NFT crypto exchanges to avoid scams. It is crucial to do extensive research on the NFT market and seek professional advice before investing. With the growing interest in NFTs, they could be an essential part of the future of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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