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Chromia (CHR)

Official Website: https://chromia.com 

What is Chromia (CHR)? 

Chromia is a blockchain platform designed to make it easy for people to build decentralised applications. These applications may be created in the real world for real use cases. A standard blockchain with Ledger, is a simple list of transaction on the network that requires searching everything from start to end. The difference between and normal database and a relational database is that it provides technology for social networks, banks and other non-trivial applications. The technical solution provided is for the real world. 

Further to developing decentralised game applications, users can use the Chromia blockchain for enterprise. The LAC PropertyChain is powered by the Chromia blockchain as a land administration initiative in Latin American and the Caribbean, sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank. The project has been developed as an open-source application that facilitates transactions for property.  

Hedget is another feature to the Chromia Blockchain which has been said to be an easy hedge for cryptoassets. With the strong belief that the future economy will be built on cryptocurrencies, volatility could result in a risky investment. The Hedget feature on the network provides decentralised options, to pay the smallest possible premium to secure your position against the unexpected price movement. 

Chromia has also introduced the Green Assets Wallet Enterprise which is designed for green bond validation and impact reporting. A global leader in impact intelligence to mobilise transition finance and to provide asset allocation solutions. 


Henrik Hjelte – Co-founder & CEO – Previously Pitching a concept to create freedom through the internet on Dragon’s Den, Hjelte came to discover Bitcoin shortly after this endevour. After researching decentralised blockchain networks, Hjelte along with co-founder Alex Mizrahi came up with the new start-up. The initial idea started as ChromaWay which led to the creation of the Chromia Platform. 

Or Perelman – Co-founder & COO – Previously a co-founder on one of the earliest Bitcoin wallets, Perelman has extensive expertise experience with the technology. Since 2014, all founders have been working on pioneering solutions for banks, enterprises, governments and private institutions. 

Alex Mizrahi - Co-founder & CTO – As the founder and first developer of the first blockchain token protocol, ‘Colored Coins’ Mizrahi has worked with Vitalik Butin developing blockchain solutions. 

Riccardo Sibani – Lead Developer – Sibani fell in love with IT and programming Languages at the age of 19 and felt a renewed love when he met blockchain technologies and their potential. With a passion to develop decentralised systems and orchestrate them for economic of software improvement. 

Hamza Hussein – Business Developer – A graduate from the university of Linköping studying business and economics, Hussein brings different expertise to the team. 


Q3 – 2021 – My Neighbor Alice Midsummer NFT sale concluded, My Neighbor Alice ‘Fall Harvest NFT’ Concludes, Oddz Finance Integrates with Chromia, Companion App ‘Alice Mysterious Seed’ Released. 

Q4 – 2021 – Incubation Program Launched, NFT Valencia Event, Mines of Dalarnia Land Sale Announced, Asymm Ventures becomes First Industry Validator, $80 Metaverse Grant Program Launched, Chromia Spaces Blockchain Game Released, Revolve Games joins Ecosystem, Mines of Dalarnia Announces Listing on Binance, Mining Apes NFT Minting Event, Chromia join Coding4Integrity Hackathon, Chromia Attend NFT.NYC.

Q1 – 2022 – Dapp Containerisation Development Continues, iAngels Announced as Second Industry Validator, Incubation Program Launched, Second Phase to EU Blockchain PCP Advanced, Chain of Alliance RPG Announced, Chain of Alliance Completed $2.4m Seed Funding Round, Ethereum L2 Subsystem, Partnership with FIBREE, BNB Chain-based Memoverse for Cross-chain NFT Integration. 

Where to Store Chromia (CHR)?

As an ERC-20 token, Chromia (CHR) can be stored within any Ethereum wallet that supports the token. Chromia (CHR) may also be stored within our Coin Storage service.  

Where to Buy and Sell Chromia (CHR)?         

Chromia (CHR) can be purchased right here on BC Bitcoin through a verifed account. You can head over to our Buy Coins page to begin the purchase. Chromia (CHR) is available for trading against GBP & EUR along with exchanging for any other listed cryptoasset over on our Coin Swap page.

You may Sell Chromia (CHR) through our platform by navigating over to our Sell Coins tab and completing our form. Once we have received confirmation of your coins to our wallet, payment will be made to your submitted account information.  

Chromia (CHR) Resources 

Website: https://chromia.com/

Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8a2279d4a90b6fe1c4b30fa660cc9f926797baa2 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chromia 

Blog: https://blog.chromia.com/ 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is the readers responsibility to complete their own research and due diligence. 

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