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BarnBridge (BOND)

Official Website: https://barnbridge.com/

What is BarnBridge? 

BarnBridge is a risk tokenization technology that was founded in 2019. It went live in September of 2020. BarnBridge is a decentralised finance (DeFi) building block that allows users to create tradable tokens that expose them to market volatility. The platform is still in the early stages of development as of March 2021.

BarnBridge is a project that improves DeFi's flexibility and efficiency by expanding its functions. It can minimise volatility for cautious investors while increasing volatility for daytraders by tokenizing market fluctuations and risk exposure. On the DeFi market, BarnBridge provides typical risk management tools and fixed income products. The main focus is on splitting cryptocurrency risks into tranches so that market players can invest in different items or assets based on their risk profile.


Core Team

Troy Murray - Troy is the founder of RUDE labs, a crypto-centric artist collective. Since 2012, when he was bitten by the Bitcoin bug and has been going down the rabbit hole ever since, Troy has been studying the various benefits that Blockchain can bring to media and artists. Troy has worked in and around the cryptocurrency field, focusing on Ethereum-based projects the most of the time. Prior to this, I worked on SingularDTV/Breaker and snglsDAO, both of which attempted to decentralise media and entertainment. Previously, in 2016, I built a Title III equity crowdfunding platform utilising Ethereum coins.

Tyler Ward - Tyler is the CEO of Proof Systems, one of the top marketing and UI/UX firms focused on digital assets. Tyler has worked with companies like ConsenSys, Earn.com (which was recently acquired by Coinbase), FOAM, Dether, Grid+, Centrality, Sylo, NEAR Protocol, DARMA Capital, SingularDTV, and the snglsDAO. He began working in crypto in late 2016 and has since purchased and sold several eCommerce businesses.

Milad Mostavi - Milad has the role of the Chief Technology Officer of BarnBridge. He is a seasoned software architect who has worked with ConsenSys on a dozen distinct projects over the last five years. He was instrumental in the successful launch of SingularDTV and Gnosis, as well as orchestrating the growth of SingularDTV's entertainment decentralised ecosystem.



January - BarnBridge DAO

•    Final touches and audits on the DAO
•    DAO launches (EOM)

February - SMART Yield

•    Finalize & audit SMART Yield
•    OpenZeppelin Audit
•    Hacken Audit

March - SMART Yield Launch

•    Junior Token Incentive Program launches

May - SMART Exposure

•    Audit SMART Exposure
•    Hacken Audit

July - SMART Exposure Launch

•    SMART Exposure & SMART YieldLaunch on Polygon

September - SMART Alpha Launch

•    Hacken Audit

Where to Store BarnBridge (BOND)

BOND is supported by Trust Wallet, a Multi-Crypto wallet provider, available on a mobile device, with a proven history for safely and securely storing customers coins.  Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance bought the service to integrate within their system as the standard wallet service.  BOND can be stored on The Trust Wallet by using a simple 5 step process which is specified in our Wallet Guides Page.

A Metamask wallet can also be used to store BOND. Metamask is a browser extension that acts as an Ethereum wallet and can be installed just like any other extension. It allows users to store Ethereum (ETH) and other ERC-20 tokens and perform transactions to any Ethereum address once it's installed.

Where to Buy and Sell BarnBridge (BOND)

You can Buy and Sell BarnBridge (BOND) here at BC Bitcoin.

You can Buy BOND by heading over to the Buy Coins Page of our website. BOND is available on BC Bitcoin trading against major fiat currencies: GBP and EUR. Buying BOND has never been easier, simply place your order, where detailed will be the BOND coin price, and provide your wallet address. Once your payment arrives, BOND will be sent directly to your wallet.

If you choose to Sell BarnBridge (BOND), you can send us the coins and receive a payment to your bank account. Details and a live valuation can be found on the Sell Coins Page.


Website: https://barnbridge.com/
Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/barn_bridge
GitHub: https://github.com/BarnBridge/

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is the readers responsibility to complete their own research and due diligence.

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